This comment will probably be buried but it should be noted that the L.A. Times did a story on this speech and concluded that maybe many of the accusations may be unfounded, and a lot of students came forward giving a different account that was stated in the speech.

As far as the situation with the "drunk" teacher, the article said,

"According to Rubio, the teacher Buhr accused of drinking during class was experiencing verified medical issues that affected performance and behavior. In a response to a public records request from the San Diego Union-Tribune, the district stated: “It is the District’s perception that some students may refer to this event as a basis for a rumor regarding misconduct. On that date, this teacher was taken from campus to see her treating medical professionals. Subsequent information provided by the teacher to the District indicated that she was experiencing a medical incident on this occasion that has since been resolved.”

Not to mention that the guidance counselor that the valedictorian criticized had recently lost a daughter that year to a hit and run accident and admitted that her own grief probably affected her performance that year.

This video more or less went viral for obvious reasons and nobody put any effort into investigating if her assertions were valid.