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Most of the affidavits were so stupid that I'm shocked the judge didn't sanction the plaintiffs. Crap like "A poll worker rolled his eyes at a Trump vote." or "a worker wore a BLM mask" or my favorite "one poll worker was intimidatingly large". Like 80% of it was pure Karen stupidity. In fact, one of them in PA or MI was someone complaining they'd been called Karen and told to go back to the suburbs if they wanted to bitch.

Those that weren't mind-bogglingly stupid were literally "I knew nothing about the process of how votes were counted, but decided it was fraud". (The Judge actually included "It seems none of your plaintiffs went to the free walk-through which would have answered all their questions.").

Stuff like "Nobody was matching signatures". No shit, that was done before the ballots arrived at the counting site. Ballots without matching signatures went elsewhere, awaiting curing or discarding. They weren't there to be counted because they couldn't be.

Or "they were entering made-up birthdates" was a favorite -- because the software wanted a birthdate, they didn't have one, didn't need one (signature matching verified voter eligibility earlier), so the entered the clear 1/1/1900 placeholder.