Mobile App Change Log 3.46.0

18 November 2020 in Change Log

Recent updates and optimizations to the Bitfinex mobile app

We are pleased to present Version 3.46.0 of the Bitfinex mobile app.

The latest update to the Bitfinex mobile app includes the display of changelog summaries in our welcome page. 

Download the latest version of the Bitfinex mobile app below:


You can also download the Android Application Package (APK).


Addition of changelog’s summary and blog post link, as well as four tutorial pages to the mobile app’s welcome pageA user opening a Bitfinex Trading- or Funding-related URL from an email, instant message or within Bitfinex Pulse, now automatically directed to the mobile appExtension of maximum lending duration period to 120 daysAddition of section for follow suggestions in the Following tab of Bitfinex Pulse


Faster rendering of chartsEnhanced slider that allows users to change the value by either tapping on any part of the slider, touching and holding the “+” or “-” buttons, or manually inputting textTheme settings are hidden for non-authorised usersEnabled sorting within the Hidden column of the Provided panelUsers can now close position with market order in Derivatives*

Bug Fixes

Fixed the scroll within Bitfinex Pulse’s messaging function on AndroidFiltered out Chain Split Tokens (CSTs) on the mobile appThe number of digits in the Summary’s Tradable Balance now mirrors that of the web version

*The derivatives platform is provided by iFinex Financial Technologies Limited. References to Bitfinex Derivatives in this post are references to iFinex Financial Technologies Limited.

The above changes have been suggested to us by our active user base.

Feedback from our customers is incredibly valuable to us. Please share your user experience and help us to continuously optimize the Bitfinex mobile app.

To share your feedback, complete the Bitfinex mobile user app survey or join the Bitfinex Telegram channel.