A week a ago I was on Blockchain.com the App from Playstore

I tried to buy XLMs from my funds I had 450€ while processing the order it took a really long time to load so I pressed the cancel button... Everything fine then it stopped the order process then I was watching my Cash Deposit Balance and my money was gone. The weird thing I had no information to in the history that the order was canceled or anything not even a email. Now it's been a week that my Cash disappeared. Everything happened after the cancelation...

I Contacted the customer support and they told me it will be fixed after a week if not I should contact them again. What is the reason that this happened, is it even possible that they can fix this? Do someone know what happened or does someone has the same experience and how did it fixed

It happened a week ago now I have to wait another week, this takes too much time, is it not dangerous to take this much time?